VeroLog 2016 will be hosted at the Mines Nantes engineering school in the north of Nantes (France). Mines Nantes is located at 4 Rue Alfred Kastler, 44300 Nantes (France).




 Getting to Mines-Nantes

Public transport to Mines Nantes

Depending where you're located, the best way to reach Mines Nantes from downtown may be taking a rapid bus or a tramway + bus combination. Here are a couple of examples:

  • From the cathedral: take the rapid bus C6 (time table here) in direction to Chantrerie Grandes Ecoles. Get off at Chantrerie Grandes Ecoles - terminus o f the line- (31min)
  • From the central train station (north entrance): take tramway 1 (time table here) in direction to Beaujoire. Get off at Beaujoire. Take bus 75 (time table here) in direction to Charbonneau or the rapid bus C6 (time table here) in direction to Chanterie. Get off at Chantrerie Grandes Ecoles (41 minutes)

From the Chantrerie Grandes Ecoles bus stop to Mines Nantes you have a short walk. You can find a map here.

To find the route that fits better your hotel location use the planner available at Nantes' public transport website (French only, but fairly understandable for english speakers).

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